Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Metro Manila's Carigara Fiesta Celebration

And for the Metro Manila fiesta celebration, we have this report from Mr. Jaime Darantinao:

Carigaranons in Manila trooped to the air conditioned gym of the Amoranto Sports Complex in Roxas District, Quezon City, to participate in the celebration of Carigara's Town Fiesta last July 16. As in the past year, Fr. Gerry de los Reyes officiated the early evening mass, assisted by Fr. Raul Buen.

Dinner, which could pass for a wedding feast in elegance, was served just as about 500 stomachs started getting hungry. Dancing, occasionally intenupted by the announcement of raffle winners, lasted up to past midnight. Highlights of the Rock-Yahan Fiesta were the well applauded and finance supported kuratsa numbers which contributed P66,500.00 to the HCCC Scholarship fund.

The dancing pair of Nick Crisostomo & Connie Quidlat, both of HCA Class 1965, conttibuted around P56, OOO.OO; Gayoc Clemente & Perla de los Reyes, and Fel Lagrama & Tessing Hanopol contributed their share.

Fiesta activities took off last July 7’th the first of the 9-day Novena Masses celebrated at Sta Rita Chapel in Quiapo, Fr. Gerry officiating all throughout.

The Hermanos Mayores, the Heirs of Julian and Juanita Clemente, represented by Samson & Hilda Clemente, thanked the Kalgaranons in Manila, specially the Novena Sponsors, for their support in making the fiesta a success.

The Holy Cross College of Carigara Alumni Association in Manila, tasked coordinates the yearly affair, announced that next year's Principal Sponsor are Amy Lodero Ambustan family and some of the officers of HCCCAA-Manila.

Fiesta Celebration in Las Vegas

The 2nd annual celebration in Las Vegas of the Carigara town fiesta was held on July 2, 2005. Ms. Selma Gavero Echavez e-mailed to us this information which we are freely and loosely quoting. .

It was a dinner-and-dance affair, hosted by the Carigaranons in Las Vegas. It started with a Mass celebrated by Msgr. Antonio Sudario, followed by the singing of the Phil. National Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner.

The foilowing officers were then inducted into office by Atty. Fedencio Porral:

President, Joseph Ralph Lloren;
Vice-Pres., Lynn Elison Gonabe;
Secretary, Clara Quilaneta Tomas;
Treasurer, Ana Pamanian Gavero;
Auditors, Nena Borgueta Caldwell and Sonny Yngente;
PROs, Selma Gavero Echavez and Nora de los Reyes Pascual;
Sgt. at Arms, Narzal Caballes, Carlo Gavero, Oscar Gonabe;
Advisers, Ben Ariate, Atty. Narciso Makabenta, Reli Marpa, Gloria Crisostomo Miranda.

The affair was well attended. We appreciate the attendance of out of state mends and fellow Carigaranons from the West and East Coasts.

Special thanks go to Lita Gutierrez and partner who gave an intermission number by dancing a Phil. Folk dance which reminded us of our country. There were the usual kuratsas.

Music by the Mary Wilkom Band was funded by Bob and Nena Caldwell (Nee Borgueta)

The host families of the affair were:
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Ariate,
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ariate,
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver (nee Maria Obana),
Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Cadabes,
MI. & Mrs. Bob Caldwell,
Mr. Jun Caballes,
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Echavez (nee Selma Gavero),
Mrs. Anacore Grapilon Gavero,
Mr & Carlo Gavero ( nee Ana Pamanian),
Mr & Mrs. Oacar Gonabe (nee Lynn Elizon),
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ralph Lloren,
Atty. & Mrs. Narciso Makabenta,
Mrs. Reli Marpa,
Mr. & Mrs. Bebe Pascual (nee Nora de los Reyes),
Ms. Cecille, Corazon and Mr. Charphil Quilaneta,
Mr. & Mrs. Castulo Tomas,
Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Yngente, and
Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Pascual.

The team efforts of the host families made the affair a big success. We are looking forward to next year's fiesta.

Pasidungog 2005 Awards for Cassidy

Pasidungog is a Waray term for bestowing honors or praise. It is a yearly activity of the Dep. Ed, Leyte Division, giving recognition of outstanding schools and exemplary teachers and school administrators whose dedication and commitment to the service has given the Leyte Division the impetus in raising the standards of the quality of education.

This year, Pasidungog was held at the Social Hall of St. Paul's Business College in Palo, Leyte. on July 28, 2005. On this occasion, Cassidy Elementary School was awarded the following:

Most Functional School Library
Best Mathematics Park
Best Implementer of Adopt-a-School Program
Best Model of Excellence Program

Miss Ma. paz A. Makabenta got an award for her commendable management of the school library Mrs. Adelaida R. Lucelo was awarded for her success as a Mathematics Club Adviser, and Cassidy Elementary School Principal, Miss Ma. Eleanor B. Macalalag, got an award for her outstanding performance as school administrator and principal.

Save Our Bay

Filling up, then coming down the shore,
Rushing your azure waves in wrath or joy,
Then baring your sand bars for us to enjoy,
Is what you are, I thought forevermore.
But now your waters are clean no more,
Your stocks in doubt and visitors going coy,
To pluck your shells for food or just for toy,
Are signs you are sick , that's for sure.

I hope today, people will realize
the need to manage and restore your health,
through conservation and shore beautification.
If it be so, and plans materialize
You will be clear and resume giving wealth,
being once more an asset of our nation.

Nazario Avila Had

Drum Corps Competition

With superb perfonnance and showmanship. the drum and bugle corps of some ten schools in Carigara, in the elementary and secondary--level, both public and private sectors competed last July 9 at the Kan Gara Gymnasium, forming part of the 200S Carigara town fiesta celebration.

The performers dazzled with flying colors from the start to the end in close succession, displaying uniqueness in tactics and techniques, in the spirit of teamwork. all aiming to have an edge over their opponents.

The competing elementary schools were The Holy Child Do- velopment Center, Congo Alberto T. Aguja Mem. Central School, Cassidy Elem. School, Guin~ dapunan Elem. School. and Carigara II Central School.

In the secondmy level, the fol~ lowing participated: Holy Cross College of Carigara (HCCC). Carl- gara School of Fisheries. Carigara National High School (main). and Carigara National High School Annex.

Kudos to Cassidy Elem. School which took the lead, garnering a cash prize of P2,OOO.OO plus a trophy, seconded by Holy Child Development Center, with a prize of P1,500.00, while the 3rd prize went to Cong. Alberto T. Aguja Memorial Central School
with P700.00 cash prize.

In the secondary level. HCCC topranked its competitors. Winning second was the Carigara School of Fisheries, followed by Carigara National High School Annex. as third placer.

The officiating judges were Marita T. Garlando, Chief of Carigara District Hospital, as the Chairman. with Mrs. Adelaida Paner of the DSWD and Mrs. Nimfa P. Garrido of the BIR. Carigara Chapter, as members.

Leonora R Reamillo

DepT. of Ed. Night Marked

Carigara Dept. of Ed. Night, held last July 13, 200S, gathered the mentors of the sister districts of Carigara I and II and all the schools of Carigara, public and private, in connection with the 410th Carigara town fiesta celebration.

Looking back, this year's celebration was the simplest ever in many years. The teachers simply danced the night away with unremarkable enthusiasm, compared with what was usual. It was an unwanted scenario.

Contrary to everybody's expectations, the night didn't give the educators a chance to exhibit their forte at least to unlock the harmony of the teachers of Carigara. Rather, it was most taken for granted. Is this a way out from the country's misery or a way out for change.

Leonora R Reamillo
Master Teacher II

An Mananggiti

Hi ako an mananggiti
Ha lubi nagsasaka Rui
Diri tungod na may syete
Kundi tungod na may tuba
Nga irimnon ha kombite.

Magmasirak, magmauran
Masanggot waray pagsangko
Bis' maghihintuyanko;
Kun iba asay tapuran
Kaduwas 'say manarangko

Hakumbite an tuba
Iniinom nga dubado
Ban hukom han abogado
Mananggiti Bay nala,
Diri ngani kumbidado.

Eduardo A. Makabenta.

Longing for the Splendor of the Sea

A couple of a quarter long ago,
I stood on the edge of a seawall,
Watching the flood tide come in ones or two,
Errands I hurriedly was sent to make
Were momentarily forgot, I know
My folks' ire on what I fail to undertake.

Can we censure a child's wonder and awe
Over nature's free and uncostly display?
Tridimensionedmusic isalways new,
Whispering breezes and waveletson play
Akin to wine glasses that overflow
Making hitnpirouette,dancea d sway.

To an instant after quickly disrobing,
He splashed into thecrystal blue waters,
The sea has bestowed on him a total embracing
The underwater had fair happy weather,
Into its bosom a warm welcoming,
The idylic and panoramic fair.

Now I sit on a cement shouldering
Of a bnoulevard replacing the seawall,
The reminiscence still lingering
Heightened by the murky seawater wall;
In the East the sun sits mournly dying,
Ember of my cigarette dying with the sea.

Pat Q. Makabenta
Davao City

Masculados Show A Hit at Town Fiesta

The "Masculados" entertained Carigaranons on July 13,2005, in the evening. at the Kan Gara Gymnasium. The show was one of the activities during the 41Oth town fiesta celebration.They enthralled the crowd, especially the teenagers, with their manly voices and their physique.

The show was supported by a variety of intermission numbers staged by 1he local comediennes-- The Joyful Angels and Mr. Rodel Cabelin, producer of the show. Maximum Survivors also entertained the crowd with a dance presentation. The audience got a bonus when Ms. Boobita, a stand-up comedienne in some TV shows,. joined the Masculados on stage.

Among the audience were Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Vice-Mayor Remigio Lauron, Sangguniang Members, and other VIPs of Carigara.

Good Practices in Local Government

In line with the Dept. of Interior and Local Government (DILG) project in advocating and promoting good practices in the LGU Carigara, a Briefing/Orientation on Good Practices in Local Government: Facility for Adaptation and Replication (OOFAR) was held on Aug. 5, 2005 at the roof deck of the LGU Building, which was attended by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Vice- Mayor Remigio A. Lauron, Sangguniang Bayan members and heads of the different LGU offices.

The activity was made possible through the joint efforts of Arnulfo A. Miralles, Mun. Local Gov't Office Officer (MLGOO; Jose P. Yee Jr" DILG Prov11 Director; Marilyn Saboy, arc, DILG Prov'l Assistant Director; Carolina Opens, and Myles Joseph Colasito, both LGU Officer of DILG, Regional Office.

Mga Hitabo

Birthday Celebrations

Mrs. Patron Bough, 75, June 17
Mrs. Jacinta Garrido, 94, Aug 16

Lino Arboleda and Mariel Natuel on July 2, 2005
Edgardo Melona and Susan Dimasilan on July 9, 2005
Rogelio Colibao and Josephine Urmeneta on Aug. 13, 2005

Mr. Cesario U. Darantinao Sr., 84. Aug. 4, 2005
Ms. Paciencia Riel, 83, July 3, 200S
Rev. Fr. Romualdo C. Grapilon, SVD, June 7, 2005 , in a car accident in Paraguay, South Anlenca, where he had been seIVing his priesthood for 32 years. He was 59

Clan Reunion
Caballes "Bulad Clan", July 9, 2005, at AN Mem. Central School Gymnasium.
Brazil Clan, July 17, 2005 at. Kan Gara Gymnasium

Other Fiesta Activities

This year's 410th fiesta was celebrated with an assortment of sports competition, races, and traditional games. One of these was the "bancarera" sponsored by Honda Philippines and Gleen Marketing, Tacloban Branches, represented by Hervic Villa and Lolit Mufioz, respectively.

The competition tested the competitors’ ability and skill in maneuvering their bancas.
Winners of this contest were;

1st prize Jaime Anong (San Jose, Tacloban) - 1 unit motor/engine (Honda OX 270)
2nd prize Isot Campomayor (West Visoria, Carigara) I unit motor/engine (Honda GX 200)
3rd prize Jose de la Pena (West Visoria, Carigara) DVD Kolin Player

As a gesture of thanks to the participants, the sponsors treated them to lunch and gave them t-shit1s
Maraton, bicycle, and tricycle races were held on July 14, with the Liga Ng Mga Barangay,cchaired by Hon. Benito Go Jr., as main sponsor, with assistance from the PNP Carigara, ACEC, and ACCENT 5.

The winners, and their prizes, were as follows

Marathon Race

1st prize Jordan Bacong, Jugaban P2,OOO.OO 2nd prize Abel Garcia, Jugaban Pl,500.00 3rd prize Boyet Quinino, Balilit Pl,OOO.OO 4th prize Leo Dagalca, Barugohay Sur P 500.00
Bicycle Race
1st prize Archie Rendora, Jugaban P2,000.OO 2nd prize Pigurasyon Camposano, Jugaban Pl,500.00 3rd prize Salvador Grarna, Bariis Pl,OOO.OO 4th prize Michael Daang, Sawang P 500.00
Tricycle Race
1st prize Ramil Ofrel, Jugaban P2,OOO.OO
2nd prize Jaime Agwlos, Barugohay Norte P1,500.00
3rd prize Margarito Aguilos, Barugohay Norte PI,OOO.OO
4d1 prize Renato Amistoso, San Mateo P 500.00

The participants in the races were all Carigaranos.
On July 15, traditional games for children and tcenagers were sponsored by the Sangguniang BRyan, Cash prizes were given to the following winners:

Lugaw Eating
1st prize Aileen & Rina
2nd prize Rufino Nival & Jonelan Basilan
3rd prize Shiel a & Maurine

Powder Blowing
1st prize Region Oriol
2nd prize Marilou Velunta
3rd prize Jason Macababat

Beer Drinking
1st prize Bulls Hidalgo
2nd prize Edgar Lucenas
3rd prize Cayetano Ala

Juego de Aniilo
Clement Clemente Ryan Daang
Kent Rendora Allan Garcia
Rennan Dung Rowel Garata

Thread Eating

1st prize Romnick Advincula
2nd prize Jason Tafalla
3rd prize Claudio Labarda

Sack Race
1 st prize Luke Salvo
2nd prize Renigade Dung
3rd prize Edwin Moralles

Monay Eating
1 8t prize Alvin Promo
2nd prize RD Paglinawan
3rdnprize Van Anthony Fabillare

Hitting the Pot Edmund Lagera
Renigade daang Jocnel Rendora Eugene Lloren
Raul John Tornol Angelica Garci

The Carigara Public Librltry gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Eduardo Makabenta jr.- 34 assorted books, fiction and non-fiction
Rachel J. Aguirre-17 books
Dr. Paul Tonolete-437 Time & Newsweek magazines 5 bound magazines, 9 books
Fatima and Mac Annela Rama 45 textbooks
Aileen Marquez - 5 magazines, 8
Reader's Digest, 7 novels
Grace Fernandez-8 assorted books,
Felino Nitura 7 religious magazine
Kristina Mechelle Makabenta 9 novels
Sheryl Ann Lianza I book

Coast Watch Training

Last July 19.20, 2005, a two day training on Bantay Baybayon or Coast Watch was conducted at the roof deck of the , LGU Building by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Regional Office l (BFAR), in coordination with the Mun. Agriculture Office of I Carigara.

Participants were Bgy. Captains, chief tanods, and fish wardens from ten ( 1 0) coastal barangays of the Mlmicipality, viz. Nauguisan, Tangnan, Visoria West, Visoria East, Baybay, Iugaban, San Mateo, Guin- dapunan West, Guindapunan East; and Barugohay Norte.

With the collaborative efforts of the BFAR, Regional Office, and the LGU- Carigara, Bantay Baybayon, which seeks to safeguard the pristine quality of the coasts and waters of Carigara through proper and systematic monitoring and surveillance.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Vesper Parade

As one of the activities in the month-long fiesta celebration of the Carigara town fiesta, a Vesper parade was held on the 15th of July, spearheaded by the Liga Ng Mga Barangay chaired by Hon. Benito Go Jr.

The parade treated the townsfolks and visitors to a display of colorful costumes and lavishly decorated floats from the different barangays of the municipality showcasing their means of l1ivelihood.

Different schools (public and private), varius offices of national and local agencies, NGOs, NGAs, barangay and municipal officials, and concerned individuals from the private sector participated in the parade.
The parade then had band presentations at the Kan Gara Gymnasium by the different schools (elementary and secondary) who won in the drum and bugle corps con1petition held on July 9,2005.

The most interesting part of this event, which struck the audience with awe and admiration, was the dance performance of the Makabugwas Dance Troupe of Carigara, depicting the "Triumph of the Holy Cross". This dance won a 4th place award during the "Kasayaan Festival of Festivals" held this year during the Tacloban City fiesta celebration.

The affair culminated with the awarding of cash prizes to the winners of the parade the Honorable Congresswoman Trinidad "Ebbie" Go Apostol of the 2nd c District of Leyte, who was the Guest of Honor.

The winners: were:

1st Place Bgy. Ponong P5, OOO.OO

2nd Place Bgy. San Mateo P3, OOO.OO Bgy. Guindapunan East Bgy. Jugaban

3rd Place Bgy. Libo P2, OOO.OO Bgy. Barugohay Central

In her speech, Hon. Ebbie Apostol lauded the efforts and support of Carigaranons in making the fiesta celebration a success; she thanked them for their hospitality and asswed them of her continued assistance for Carigara's development and progress.

Among those who graced the occasion with their, presence were Municipal Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, SB Member Benito Go Jr. and SB Member Annabella Crisostomo.

Recruitment for Jobs Abroad

Mother's Way Overseas Manpower Specialist Corporation, Tacloban City Branch in coordination with Ms. Sylvia Q. Urmeneta, Human Resource Mgmt. Officer VI PESO Manager of LGU-Carigara, conducted a one-day special recruitment of domestic helpers for Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Dubai, and Abu-Dhabi, in accordance with the PESO activity under the DOLE program

Held on August 8, 2005 at the Kan Gara Gymnasium, the activity had about 61 female applicants, mostly Carigaranons.

Mr Joenar Gerong, Assistant Branch Manager of the recruitment agency gave an orientation talk informing the applicants that their agency offers free food and accommodation in Manila while applicants are undergoing training and briefings for the work abroad, plus a "fly now pay later package."

Nutrition Month Celebrated

Nutrition Month Celebrated July has been designated as Nutrition Month through Sec. 7 of the Pres. Decree No. 491 known as the Nutrition Act of the Philippines. Issued on June 25,1974. Celebrated yearly. it aims at creating a national awareness of the importance of nutrition.

LGU-Carigara, through the members of the Municipal Nutrition Council, celebrated the 31st Nutrition Month with the theme Batang May Kinabukasan So Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan.

The month-long celebration commenced with a thanksgiving mass held on July 3, 2005 at 8:30 AM at the Holy Cross Parish Church. This was followed by other activities, among them the mass feeding in the different barangays. San Mateo. Barugohay Central, Caghalo, Canal, Uyawan. Tagak, Guindapunan East, and Bagong Lipunan. Preschool children, ages 2 to 6, were the target of the feeding. Cheap but nutritious food were served, especially to children Below Normal Level (BNL) and Below Normal Very Low (BNVL) This project is a continuing program of the Municipal Nutrition Action Council headed by Ms. Belinda P. AIberca in collaboration with barangay officials and the Barangay Nutrition Scholars, done not only for the month of July but the whole year round, in support of the Philippine Nutrition Program.

Another activity was the Educational Tour held on July 28, spear- headed by Ms. Ma. Belinda Alberca together with the Bgy. Nutrition Scholars. (BNS). The group visited Baybay and Hilongas, Leyte, particularly Bgy. Gaas of Baybay and Bgy. Kanhaas of Hilongos. . The two barangays were awarded as the Most Outstanding Barangay 2004 in the implementation of the Nutrition Pro- gram at the provincial level. The BNS learned some nutrition strategies and practices which would help them in the implementation of the Nutrition Program in their respective barangays

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bright Child Project

LGU-Carigara with the support of various agencies, namely, the MUN. Social Welfare & Dev't. Office, Dept. of Interior & Local Gov't, Mun. Agriculture Office Mun.. Health Office, Mun. Population Office, and Barangay Officials launched the campaign for the institutionalization of the Bright Child Project in all barangays of Carigara., mandated by Executive Order No. 286 of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Among the activities conducted were the supplemental feeding and early education programs, dubbed os Nutri-Pabasa. About 90 children from Bgy. Barugohay Norte. and Bgys. East and West Visoria who are under the nutritional status of Be- low Normal Very Low (BNVL) and Below Normal Low (BNL) were served during the supplemental feeding. In the second phase of the Nutri-Pabasa

Bright Child campaign, mothers attended the affair regardless of whether their children were beneficiaries or not of the supplemental feeding. Bright Child is a title given to the project of interventions of food nutrition, health, early education, and psychological programs for children 0.17 years old, especially children in their formative stage, or children 0..6 years old whose growth is critical. The project integrates and unifies all the existing programs and services of government and non-government organizations, and international agencies in pursuing a common strategy to raise healthy and bright children.

Every Filipino child deserves to have a bright tomorrow says Ms. Aida L. Paner, Municipal Social Welfare Officer.

Municipal Ordinance No. 05-10


Be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Carigara that,

Sec. I. Title: This Ordinance shall be known as dIe Ordinance Declaring January 25, 1571 as the official Founding Day of the town of Carigara.

Sec. 2. Beginning January 25,2001. Which is the 435th anniversary and every anniversary date thereafter the Foundation Day shall be celebrated with fitting program and activity by the people of Carigara spearheaded by the local government unit of the Municipality of Carigara.

Sec. 3. The celebration shall be known as "Adlaw Han Kalgara": and shall be declared as local public holiday for the Municipality.

Sec. 4. The founding. Date shall be reflected on the Official Seal of the Municipal Government of Carigara.

Sec. 5. The amount of Five hundred Thousand Pesos (P500, 000.OO) is hereby appropriated out of any available funds. for the celebration of the first Foundation Day on January 25.2006.

Sec. 6. Effectivity: This Ordinance shall take effect upon approval